Chestnut shelling machine


Machine instruction:

Our company’s self-designed chestnut shelling machine is the latest chestnut shelling machine. Chestnut and thorn shell are automatically separated, completely clean, no need for secondary sorting, direct bagging for sale (traditional sheller cannot do. Traditional sheller also needs to sort chestnut and thorn shell, which is time-consuming and laborious) chestnut thresher save time and effort, the stripped chestnut is bright and clean, and can peel more than 500 kilograms of pure chestnut per hour.

Machine principle:

Chestnut shelling machine is powered by a single-phase motor, which drives the chestnut threshing rotor to rotate clockwise. When the chestnut is fed from the feeding hopper, it breaks into the sieve body after multiple collisions between the rotor hammer and the stator. After the chestnuts shells, chestnuts and scraps are sorted and cleaned, they flow out from the three discharge ports to achieve the purpose of sorting and collecting.

Machine characteristics:

  1. Easy to operate, large capacity, peeling thoroughly.
  2. Easy to install, rugged and insulated.
  3. Reasonable establishment, simple operation and durability



Detail parts:

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