Green walnut peeling machine


Product structure:

The green walnut peeling machine mainly includes the frame part, the feeding part, the upper and lower protective cover plates, the power part of the transmission cover safety mechanism, the single-phase motor, the gearbox, the rotary part, the adjustment grille, the wire brush and the peeling part.

Working principle:

The stirring core of the green walnut peeling machine is rotated by the pulley drive under the action of rotating water flow, which drives the green skin walnut and water to rotate by itself. During the rotation process, the walnut and the water, the blade inside the barrel, the netting itself rub, peeling and peeling off.


  1. Light weight, small size and easy operation.
  2. Low power consumption, low noise and high processing efficiency.
  3. The capacity is high, the peeling rate of walnut is as high as 99%, and the damage rate of walnut shell is about 0.5%.
  4. Quality assured, all parts are professionally inspected and tested, and can be used with confidence.

Technical Parameters:



Peeling rateDamage rateWeightSize



More details:



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