Characteristics and application of cashew peeling machine

Cashew peeling machine from Shuliy Machinery adopts the method of air stripping, which is suitable for peeling of nuts such as cashew nuts and peanuts, and is suitable for use in small processing places.

Cashew peeling machine

Characteristics of cashew peeling machine:

1. The surface of the cashew is not damaged, and the fresh-keeping ability is strong and pollution-free.

2. Drying and peeling is completed once, it has features of high production efficiency, easy maintenance and cleaning, and low failure rate.

3. The cashew peeling machine has automatic temperature control system and automatic guiding device, which can automatic separate cashew nuts and skin.

Shuliy Machinery introduction:

Shuliy is a professional manufacturer for producing nut processing equipment such as: peanut machinery, cashew machinery, apricot machinery, etc.

Peanut machinery: peanut sorting machine, peanut peeling machine, peanut frying machine, etc.

Cashew machinery: cashew sorting machine, cashew peeling machine, cashew nut dryer, etc.