Rejuvenation of Cashew Industry in Mozambique

Cashew in mozambique

The restoring cashew industry in Mozambique

Mozambique as the under-developed country with a similar politics and population background, has been compared with North Korea for many years. Cashew nuts are now one of the crops fuelling growth in the agricultural sector. Now, the government is looking to help the curved, nutrient-packed nut to recover its past glory. Dozens of workers labor under a scorching hot roof, baked by the sweltering heat as they separate nut from shell with a stamp of the foot. Condor Nuts, one of the leading cashew brands in Mozambique have an annual cashew output of 8,000 tonnes.

The cashew processing line in Mozambique

The cashew product line adopts a semi-automatic processing method: cooking raw cashew nut by automatic steaming machine to create a space, between cashew kernels and cashew shell to facilitate the cashew cracking or to increase cashew shell opening rate; while the cashew shelling is accomplished by hand peeling, in which process, the toxic liquid exuding from the cashew surface can cause inflammation or allergic reactions.

  Cashew nut sheller machine

The automatic cashew shelling machine aided product line

The advanced automatic cashew nut shelling machine invented and developed by Shuliy Machinery independently, can increase the cashew output rate and prevent workers from allergic reaction and severe inflammation. With its durable use, low maintenance, easy operation, the cashew nut sheller has won appreciation from customers in Mozambique, Tanzania, etc.