A high accuracy walnut sorting machine

As a nutrient-dense snack with protein, walnut is adored by people who leading a healthy life-style. However, disposing with this cutie nut is always exhausting. Therefore, Shuliy Machinery has invented a walnut processing line creatively to help you to solve your walnut-problem! The first product in our walnut processing line I will introduce to you dear client is the walnut sorting machine.

With smooth linear, reasonable design, our walnut sorting machines are also designed as an equipment with high accuracy. One man can operate the machine without worry about there will be any flaw. First, pour certain quantity of walnuts into the feeding port, then we can step aside to wait for the walnut sorting machine to handle the sorting work. Due to its exquisite design of different sizes of sieving hole, walnuts are sorted through it during the conveying procedure. Finally, the walnut will be sorted according to five degrades of size from small to big. Sorting walnut is the very first step of the walnut producing line, so the accurate sorting can be vital.

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