Advanced Food-standard Double-chamber Vacuum Packing Machine


Hot-selling vacuum packing machine for sale


Double-chamber vacuum packaging machine is a kind of packaging machines, which adopts vacuum chamber to vacuum package and then fill with inert gas, thus achieving the purpose of extended preservation. Automatic double chamber vacuum packaging machine is specially designed for packing products perishable, adopting controller invented and imported from Japan, is the combination of foreign advanced technology and manufacture experience. Its electrical microcomputer controller is equipped to control the machine throughout whole procedure, and it has advantages of waterproof, moisture-proof, low failure rate, long serve life, etc., which make the equipment easy to clean, , notably, even if be flushed with water, it will not cause any electrical failure, the frame adopts the international food-standard 304 stainless steel plate, is characterized by high strength, damage-proof, and due to its unique tilt table design, the water content will not lost, and is so much easier to operate.


Hot-selling vacuum packing machine for sale


Shuliy’s  vacuum packaging machine is composed of color touch screen, vacuum system, temperature control system, cooling system and air filling system. Food vacuum packaging machine, the control system of PLC, photoelectric switch electrical equipment it adopted is from the world standard brands, such as Japanese “OMEON, Taiwan” MCN “, “French” TE “. Moreover the introduction of Japanese mechanical technology design is of reasonable design, coordination, high reliability, strong stability. Snack food vacuum packaging machine is of reasonable price, the programmable control (PLC), touch operation, the utilization of the servo motor can preserve reaching the preservation requirement not only, but can prolong the serve life profoundly.

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