Advanced Semi-auto Cashew Shelling Machine of Reasonable Price

Cashew nut sheller machine


Working process and principle of semi-automatic cashew sheller:

During working, placed cashew nut at the edge of the inside tool and the lateral tool between thus there is one cashew nut in each cutting group respectively, the shelling process starts from the operator tramples on foot valve, after connecting to power supply, during which process, the solenoid valve powered with compressed gas pathway converted, then the front end of the cylinder rod motivated by compressed gas cylinder push linking piece downward with the cashew pressed down to the inside of upper and lower part of the lateral tool. Then lower blades act on the shell going downward to achieve the stripping effect, finally, shell and cashew nut are discharged through the outlet hopper. The whole shelling process is accomplished by the time operator foot leaving from foot valve to reset the machine, the power supply is cut off, and the electromagnetic valve converts, thus the cylinder lever under the action of compressed gas, drives the

Semi-automatic cashew sheller widely using in india

Compared with the current shelling, the latest version has the following beneficial effects:

This semi-automatic cashew shelling machine shearing force of the blade of the inner and outer cashew components are ensured with the cashew nuts of different sizes shelled, with high shelling opening rate and high yield rate, simple and convenient operation and high productivity. Adjusting blades by setting the inner screw and outer screw, which is flexible and convenient. The safety light screen sensor is equipped to ensure the safety of operator.