Automatic cashew nut packing machine in China and India

Roasted cashew nut and dried fruits like blueberry, lemon for instant eat or making lemon tea, they are always available in supermarkets. They all packed in the food packages with various brands and color. Sometimes it makes us wondering how they have been packed so perfectly and through which kind of machine. The function of a packing machine can influence the quality and expire period of food pouched by machine.  After sufficient researches and investigation, Shuliy Machinery has invented and released a brand new .

Automatic cashew nut packing machine

The cashew packing machine adopts the advanced intelligent technology, that is to say, packing foods can be accomplished through operators set the parameters on the LED screen on the packing machine. And the operation is easy to understand under the instruction of our owner’s manual. The procedure of packing nuts or other foods are easy clear to see. After setting the parameter, pour cashew nuts in to the upper feeding hopper, and with the package bags are all set, the lower part of bags are sealed with material, when the material reach a certain quantity,the upper part of bag shall be sealed along with the printing of product numbers. The whole procedure is automatic, saving the problem of laborious working and avoid issues of sanitation.


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