Automatic cashew nut sheller

Cashew, its kidney-shaped seed are widely called as the cashew nut are cultivated mainly in Brazil and India as a commercial product. The cashew nut hanging under the cashew apple is an important edible ingredient in Asia, among which, China use cashew nut as main component of a famous cuisine named diced chicken with cashew nuts. Although the special sweet fragrance of cashew nuts after cooked is an irresistible lure to people’s appetite, the manual peeling process can be exhaustible and time-consuming. Therefore, Shuliy Machinery has invented and release a series of automatic cashew nut shelling amchine.

Cashew nut sheller machine  

The series of shelling machines, as one of the most important components in walnut processing line, are utilized after cashew nuts are separated according to 3-5 sizes through the procedure of cashew nut sorting. Except the manual pouring into the feeding inlet of cashew nut sheller, the following steps are accomplished by the machine automatically. There are five models designed differently in sizes: yk-4 with 150–200KG capacity can operate 6 fruits at once; yk-5 with capacity: 60KG can open 3 fruits at a time; yk-6 with 150–200KG capacity can operate 8 fruits at once, etc. You can choose the models of nut sheller according to your production needs.

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