Best-selling model model TZ-1 walnut shelling machine

Walnut Shelling Machine is used to remove the hard shell of walnuts, its working is automatic, you can get whole walnut kernels after processing with our machine.Easy to operate, simple to maintain, and it has very long working life which will be more than 10 years . In addition ,it can be easily transported to mountain to work , which  can also reduce the the walnut shell pollution to the environment,because the walnut shell is poisonous and has strong basicity. Processing in the mountain ,we can leave the walnut shell as organic fertilizer for the walnut tree.

Dsc 5628

features of walnut and pecan shelling machine

1. high efficiency, high quality, low power consumption, easy operation and maintenance.
2. high cracking rate and high whole kernel rate, high separation rate.
3. the internal clearance of the pecan shelling machine is adjustable.
4. the deck tilt and air volume of the walnut separating machine is adjustable.
5. this pecan cracking machine is suitable for cracking walnut of different sizes and varieties.