Cashew nut sieving machine in India

Cashew nut, which is popular in India as a nutritious snack, with the aid of seasonings can be a delicious cuisine. The contrast between Chinese and Indian dished cooked with cashew nut as their main composition is sharp. For instant, the famous dish called spicy masala cashew nut is cooked with red chili paste, salt, ghee, and flour. Covered by the mixture of all the ingredients mentioned, then through deep-frying, the crispy snack with attractive fragrance and luxuriant nutrition are made.


In contrast, Chinese are inclined to cook cashew nuts with other ingredients like chicken, vegetables and peanut oil. The most classic dish is called Cashew and Chicken. The recipe is slightly complicated than the former, if you want to know more details you can contact us to send you one. There is an old culinary technique for Chinese cuisines, that is: ingredients of similar sizes can make the dish tastes better, due to the ingredients will be boiled or fried evenly and synchronously. Therefore, the uniformed ingredients is vital to cook exquisite dishes with alluring fragrant and great taste.

Cashew nut sieving machine in india



Obviously, here calls for an advanced cashew nut sieving machine. Shuliy has invented and developed a series of cashew nut processing machines, including cashew sieving machine. This new kind of sorting machine brought the cashew industry a revolution.

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