Cashew Walnut Processing Dryer

As it is delicate and with short-term reservation before processing, cashew nuts shall be dried and roasted after harvest. Moreover, the dried fruits and vegetables are inclined to be preserved for a longer period. And the dried cashew nuts and dried fruits will take on a different compact outlook and be stimulated to emit rare fragrance that is different from the fresh fruits. And the dried food tastes more chewy or crunchy, which will bring great savoring experience to us.   But the old dried cashew and walnut processing measures, which is completed by manual working are laborious, and they are inferior to the advanced machine at efficiency, energy consumption and in result. The cashew dryer machine developed by Shuliy Machinery is the advanced equipment for agriculture and catering industry.

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The nut dryer machine, made of mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, is durable at using and featured with heat resisting. With large capacity, and due to its multi-layer structure, a large quantity of cashew nuts can be dried evenly and perfectly at the same time. Moreover, the dryer machine equipped the accurate automatic temperature control, therefore preventing the over-heating and avoid working incidents.

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