Cautions with Second Hand Cashew Dryer


Cashew nut sheller machine


The outer enclosure of the cashew nut dryer is usually comprised of thin steel plate painted, and the drying chamber is made of excellent structural steel plate with aluminum silicate fibers are filled in the interlayer. The heater unit is usually amounted at the bottom, the top or sides of the drying machine. What should we caution against during operation?


(1) Do not process materials inflammable, explosive and volatile in the dryer to avoid explosion.

(2) Do not bump the temperature sensor mounted in the chamber to avoid failing to control temperature.

(3) The dryer shall be operated by professional personnel under supervision.

(4) Inflammable, explosive and volatile substances, such as gasoline, paper, xylene and thinner, shall be placed or piled up around the dryer within 2 meters

(5) Air plate holes, air inlet holes and exhaust holes shall not be congested, and avoid items being placed too condensed to avoid congesting hot air circulation, or causing uneven temperature leading to accidents.

(6) Each parameter must be set by professional personnel according to the different technical requirements of the raw materials.

(7) No subjects shall be placed near the pressure relief cover. Please pay attention to ensure the safety of people and things in the area where the pressure relief cover can endanger people safety.

(8) Clean the chamber inside and outside.

(9) Do not place heavy articles onto the layers.

(10) Make sure the display panel of the temperature controller is not out of tolerance.

(11) Wear protective suites to avoid burning when taking out the materials from the dryer.