Challenges Vacuum Packaging Machine Vendor Faced

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Throughout China’s packaging machinery Vacuum Packaging Machine enterprises, nearly 15% of packaging companies end up with production changing or liquidation annually, and about the same number of new enterprises refilled their positions; There are only a dozen leading enterprises with annual sales of more than 100 million CNY while about 50 enterprises with annual sales of more than 30 million CNY. From the perspective of scientific research based product development, China’s Vacuum Packaging Machine of packing industry is still weak in self-development ability for they develop by imitating, combined with low investment in scientific research accounting 1% of total spending, in contrary, investment on scientific research reaches 8%~10% in developed countries.

It can be seen that China’s Vacuum Packaging Machine technology has long way to go when compared with that of the advanced enterprises, there is a great gap remained to the future development entails a large number of scientific and technological researches. With the development of economy, five new technologies, new developments may appear as following:

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Shorter lead time. As the economy recovers, packagers will manage more production lines, and more projects and orders, thus machine suppliers are required to deliver a complete production line in the shortest time. Budgets of Vacuum Packaging Machine need to be taken into account, but with the growing demand of various industries, especially the food and beverage industry, determines that they need to get highly integrated solutions within a limited deadline to cope with the current fierce market competition.

Flexibility and adaptability. Vacuum Packaging Machine has always been looking for further improvement of flexibility in customize packing methods for different products. The ideal packaging machine we expected can handle with products with different sizes/shapes without additional attachments or custom solutions.