Current State of Packaging Machine under the Belt & Road


Expanding the network of “the Belt and Road” initiative brings new challenges to China’s food packaging industry, which is a process of gradual integration “the Belt and Road” initiative involves more than 60 countries extending from Asia, Europe to Africa. It should be said that there is a large market space for China’s food packaging industry. Meanwhile, the current states of development of countries as participants of “the Belt and Road” initiative vary from relatively mature and state-of-the-art to backward and out-of-date, which also poses a new challenge to the development of China’s food packaging industry.

First, participant countries of the “One Belt And One Road” have different standards on food packaging standards and food safety supervision. Although China’s food safety standards after being integrated and selected is still far from perfection for problems are still hanging out there due to little attention has been attached to the pre-packaged food safety standard, and many

problems are still unsolved as well as the insufficient samples, which lead to the result that we fail to keep up with the development of international standards of food packaging safety standards,   the internationalization of China’s food industry is restricted. Therefore, improving the standard system and strengthening the connection with international standards are the inevitable request for China develop their food industry under “the Belt and Road” initiative.

Packing machine

Second, to go aboard, China’s food packaging enterprises need to strengthen their investment in e-commerce platform and technical support for food packaging e-commerce is a rapidly developing industry in the field of international trade. Enterprises should attach importance to and devote themselves to the construction of the online business channel.

Automatic cashew nut packing machine
Automatic Cashew Nut Packing Machine

Third, it should adapt itself to the demands of the international market and transform flexibly. Nowadays, food packing machines focus more on portability and freshness of packed food rather than large capacity. Therefore, the machinery produced by high-end mini-sized packaging equipment with improved packaging speed, as well as the sealing accuracy and appearance by improving the equipment performance. Shuliy as the leading brand in food processing equipment industry dedicating to the upgrading of packing method has become a driving force of the development of China’s packing industry.

Although it is a long-term integration process for China’s food packaging enterprises to materialize the vision of making improvement under the request of “the Belt and Road” initiative. Enterprises like Shuliy should face up to the challenge, and make a change in time in accordance with the initiative.