Double-chamber Macadamia Vacuum Packing Machine for Walnut macadamia Sacha Inchi Fruit Medicine

It is always bothering that to open your refrigerator and find your roasted chicken you saved for you dinner two days over the weekend has turned green. Funguses are everywhere, and when it happens it cannot be removed for the whole thing is infected. So, neither a household woman, nor a catering factory’s owner don’t want to see anything like that happen to them. Moreover, catering mill-owner will burden a much more serious load of consequence caused by mildewed food products than a household wife does. And, compared with the household using vacuum packaging machine, Shuliy’s double-chamber vacuum packaging machine is more professional and efficient. Here is the simple operating tutorial of our advanced double-chamber vacuum packaging machine.

Vacuum packaging machine

The very first thing you do is to arrange bags of food onto the left packaging platform orderly, then targeted at the package, press down the depression bar. Then press the button to start the left chamber. During this process, in the left chamber, there will be compacting, vacuum extraction, sealing, printing, cooling completed. Then, after the bags in the other chamber are ready, press the start button again, the procedure as former mentioned will be operated automatically again.

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