Easy-to-operate Cashew Nut Shelling Machine in India

As the largest walnut processing and exporting country, India produce about 1,180,000 tons of cashew nuts across the whole country through more than 3600 cashew processing mills, which is increasing in number. However the laborious working of cashew nut shelling have always been done by the cheap female labors, which will delay the cashew nut procedure and influence the whole processing efficiency. What’s more, during the processing of cashew nuts, they exude an toxic liquid that the allergic reaction may happens. Therefore, there is calling for a high efficient cashew nut shelling machine, which characterized by its low labor-consumption with a reasonable price.

Cashew nut sheller machine

Recently, Shuliy has invented and developed an automatic cashew nut shelling machine, which is highly praised by all of our clients. The shelling procedure in the cashew processing line The shelling machine, characterized by its exquisite design of linear metallic plate and its small footprint, is popular in Asian countries and is sold aboard to India, states in Africa, Russia, etc. To meet our customer’s needs, we have developed five models of shelling machine to processing different sizes of cashew nuts accordingly and efficiently. The processed cashew nuts remain wholesome and without any damage.

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