Easy-to-operate vacuum packing machine

It is frustrating to find a plate of oxidized sliced apple in your refrigerator, but what if the delicacies are sealed in the package?

Fortunately, Shuliy has invented an advanced vacuum packing machine, which is characterized by its easy operation. It is my pleasure to introduce you with the exquisite machine.

Easy-to-operate vacuum packing machine Easy-to-operate vacuum packing machine

The vacuum packing machine, built of stainless steel, has the feature of durable using and high accurate function. After turning on the power, adjust the vacuuming time and temperature in accordance with packing material, then put the material onto the plastic or aluminum foil film, then pull down the cover down to start vacuuming. When reach a certain vacuum rate, the package will be sealed automatically. The vacuum packing machine can also be used in packing liquid, solid, powdery, paste materials, including grain, fruit, pickles, chemicals, medicinal materials, electronic components, precision instruments, rare metals, etc. With the small footprint, the packing machine can be used a domestically as well as commercially. It is a great helper providing you with a great fortune and convenience. Shuliy’s vacuum packing machines are widely used all around world, and it has a promising future in the field of food can agriculture machinery.

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