Effect and Function of Almond


The effect and function of almond

  1. Skin care

Scientific research shows that almond shelled by almond shelling machine is a healthy food rich in vitamin E and flavonoid antioxidants. A handful of almonds (28 grams or 23 kernels) provides vitamin E, people need for proper body function for a half of day, which can also inactivate free radicals, moisturize skin and prevent aging.

  1. Good for heart

The high levels of unsaturated fatty acids in almond shelled by almond shelling machine, which are known can lower cholesterol and triglycerides, can reduce heart attacks.

  1. Good for intestinal health

Studies show that almond can improve intestinal health and facilitate defecation by increasing the number of beneficial bacteria in intestine.

  1. Control weight

Eating almonds can bring people satiety so as to decrease their desire for food.

As we can see from above, almond is a nutrient snack that cater to market demand, therefore here calls for an advanced almond shelling machine for bulk almond product line.




The operate method of almond sheller

First of all is to ensure the appropriate water content, because almond too dry will lead to high crushing rate, Shuliy almond shelling machine, in order to make it of suitable water content, the following methods can be adopted:

  1. If the shelling is carried on in winter, spray 10kg of warm water evenly on 50kg of peanuts before shelling, and cover with plastic film for about 10 hours, and then start shelling after being dried in the sun for about 1 hour.
  2. Soak relatively dry materials into a large pool, then fetch out for covering with plastic film for 1 day or so, and then dry in the sun, until the appropriate water content is achieved.