Effective Walnut Dryer Adopting Hot Air Circulating System


Thermal stable nut drying machine5


The walnut dryer adopts forced ventilation and hot air circulation for achieve the effect of heat transfer and moisture-heat exchange. The equipment has the advantages of large loading density, labor saving, fuel saving, stable temperature and moderate humidity, high automation, simple operation and short drying time with ideal drying effect. The drying process is characterized by uniformly heating with the dried walnuts bright in color with narrowed color difference between the two baked sides, and with increased commodity value, average price and economic benefit.


Walnut processing


Features of Shuliy walnut dryer:

  1. The equipment adopts closed-type hot air circulation system and hot air recycling system, with high thermal efficiency, is of energy saving and environmental protection, and no secondary pollution, meeting the requirements of national food hygiene standards.
  2. Unique adjustable distribution plate to ensure the walnut to be uniformly dried, avoiding uneven drying inside and outside.
  3. Equipped with automatic temperature control, automatic dehumidification, automatic circulating wind system, and intelligent temperature, humidity and time controller are adopted in the walnut dryer, thus realize effective automatic controlling.
  4. Low-temperature drying: the dried walnut is of high quality, non-breaking processing, prefect color and high nutritional elements.
  5. Low noise, stable operation and low running cost, it is a beautiful and elegant equipment of fine workmanship, and is easy to clean and maintain;
  6. Drying and sterilization are carried out simultaneously to optimize the technological process and improve production efficiency; Man-machine interface operation, PLC automatic control adopted.