Efficient Process Route of Walnut Shelling and Shell Kernel Separation


Walnut processing line


Process route introduction

(1) Classification before cracking.

(2) Shell cracking. Walnut lifted by vertical lifting to the walnut cracking machine will be cracked through this process. For walnuts with incomplete primary shell breaking, after walnut kernel being classified, the walnuts are lifted to the shell breaking machine through the outlet hopper for walnut shelling.

(3) Walnut kernel grading. After the walnut shell are cracked, kernels will fall into the walnut classifier after being processed by the primary and secondary shell cracking machine. The walnut kernel and shell are separated by the sieving screen with holes of different sizes.

(4) Separation of shell and kernel. After being processed by kernel classifier and second kernel classifier, the walnut kernels are divided into several grades. The principle of shell kernel separator is to achieve separating effect of separating walnut shell and membrane from the nut by adjusting the air flow size according to the different suspension speed between walnuts and finally discharge the kernels and shells through the respective outlet.

Dsc 5622

The characteristics

1) This production line is suitable for large-scale batch processing of walnuts.

2) The walnut cracking shelling machine, by adjusting the gap can reduce the crushing rate of walnut kernels of different varieties and sizes.

3) It can separate walnut kernels, shells.