Energy Saving Walnut Dehydrator Drying Machine

Dehydration of food is a food preservation method which can be traced back to the ancient inhabitants in modern Middle East and Asia. Though the simple process, an exquisite added flavor will be given to the original fresh fruit, the flavor is profoundly different from the original one. Moreover, with a long shelf time, the dried fruit or nuts can carry the characteristics of extra crunchy chewy taste. For food processing manufacturers, and dried food suppliers, an advanced dehydrator, drying machine is highly necessary. The thermal stable heat radiation walnut dehydrator drying machine equipped with PLC programming intelligent control system invented, developed by Shuliy Machinery can dry automatically without supervision.

Thermal stable nut drying machine5

The energy saving walnut drying machine due to its high capacity, can process raw materials for 1000kg/case. The dried food, walnut are quality ensured for its evenly heating method–radiation heating with fan creating circulating hot air as auxiliary. And due to its PLC programming intelligent control system, there is no need to supervise, thus reduce the labor cost. The hot selling model SL-40 walnut drying machine is of good quality, technology support, energy saving design, it is the best choice for large-scale commercial dried food manufacturers and provider of catering industry.

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