Future Development of Almond Shelling Machine


Almond shelling machine Q&A

In the shelling process, if a large number of nuts gather at the outlet, and the kernel baffle plate cannot be opened and discharge smoothly. Cushion the guide wheel slightly higher to restart large almond discharging.

The installation of shelling machine must be kept at the same levels at the front, rear, or the phenomenon of kernel and shell mixing together will occur.

The method of leveling is: the side with more kernels should be raised by cushioning a wood block. The side with less kernels is on the high side, so the cushion under the wheel should be removed. Small fruit mounting at the outlet indicates that one end is lower than the other, the guide wheel should be cushioned.

Almond shelling machine

Future development of almond shelling machine

With the restructure of agricultural industry, the presence of new almond shelling machine coupled with the gradual increase in peanut prices in recent years, peanut planting shows a promising trend. Peanut is of high economic value, its kernels can be press into peanut oil or make into other subsidiary food, the new almond shelling machine, peanut shell can be made into a variety of building materials.

Manual peanut shelling at considerable labor cost, with low efficiency, almond shelling machine can not meet market demand anymore. It is an inevitable trend to use peanut machinery as the main way of peanut producing mechanization. Shelling machine is composed of shelling machine, vibrating screen, frame enclosure, motor, fan, transiting belt, etc., with the advantages of its compact structure, easy operation, high production efficiency, low price, almond shelling machine is widely used in almond production of massive amount.