Green walnut peeling machine introduction

Green  walnut peeling machine is also named green walnut huller. Shuliy green walnut shelling machine mainly removes the green skin outside the green walnut, in order to get the market to sell or re-use.

Green walnut peeling machine

Green walnut shelling machine can be divided into: 1. Vertical green walnut peeling machine; 2. Horizontal green walnut peeling machine. No matter which kind of walnut peeling machine, it has such features: high peeling efficiency, simple operation, economic, and so on.

  1. Vertical green walnut peeling machine

Before using the machine, add 30 kg water into the feeding port, then open the power, add 50kg green walnut. The green skin will be removed in about 5 minutes, and the peeling rate is as high as 95%. The peeling is mainly peeled by the spindle steel brush and automatically cleaned.

  1. Horizontal green walnut peeling machine

Turn on the power before use, then connect the water pipe, and continue to add the green walnut to the feed port. In this way, the green walnut will be cut off by the blade on the main shaft and brushed off by the steel brush, and automatically cleaned, and the peeling rate is as high as 99%. . This machine has features of simple operation, high efficiency, and very popular in the market.

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