Green walunt peeling machine in Cameroon

In the season of walnut harvesting, the green walnut peeling machine independently developed by our company has become a good helper for farmers. The machine can effectively remove the green skin of the walnut, greatly reducing the burden on farmers. Mechanized green walnut peeling instead of traditional manual peeling, easy to operate, one person can operate multiple machines. Greatly improved work efficiency. Become an indispensable machine in the walnut processing.

Green walunt peeling machine in cameroon

On August 13, 2018, customers from Cameroon KING and abdps ordered 200 sets of green walnut peeling machines from our company. He said: “We have planted many walnut trees in our country. Every time we harvest walnuts, we are hand-peeled. The efficiency is extremely low. Now we have a green walnut peeling machine. Farmers no longer have to worry about the heavy work walnuts peeling . Thank you for your company’s green walnut peeling machine.” The picture below is a photo of the customer and our manager.

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