Growing Awareness of Mechanization of Walnut Product Line

Walnut processing

Current state of the walnut processing industry

Walnut as the “magic nut” is rich in nutrition of Vitamin C, unsaturated fatty, mineral substance, etc. which is beneficial to human health and proper functioning of human body. Therefore, with the rapid development of economy, leveraged people’s living standard in China and all over the world, the mechanization level of walnut processing machine has been improved in a profound way. Also due to the unlimited entrance barrier of walnut market, the competition is rising constantly, the prominent companies would leverage their company profile by mergers& acquisition of promising companies of smaller scale, furthermore, huge investment to the technology improvement is the other way for maintain their technology leadership.


The mechanization of the walnut product line

The walnut product line invented and developed by Shuliy Machinery, China is of great competitiveness for their offering advanced machines with quality ensured, favorable price, and professional and heart-warming service. The walnut processing machine by Shuliy is characterized by its large output, easy operation, low maintenance, long-term service life. The combination use of the walnut processing line can triple the output compared with the traditional processing method.

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