Hawaii Nut Macadamia Opening Cracker Machine

The macadamia, as known as Hawaii nut, is indigenous to Australia. With its round wooden shell, it is hard to break by manual force from the outside. Therefore, a macadamia opening machine shall be powerful and durable in use. Shuliy Machinery has invented and released two models of advanced automatic macadamia opening machine of different capacity and output—model TZ-120, TZ-200.

Macadamia nut cracker machine

Due to it automatic working feature, one operator can accomplish this whole procedure. First, pour the raw material onto the upper plate until the plate is full; second, press the power button to start the processing, during this procedure, macadamia will be contained in 8 craterlets fitting the shape and size of macadamias, then be sent forward to the next step. After that, macadamia with a slit are produced. The whole processing costs only few minutes, and barely use any man-force. Moreover, Shuliy’s macadamia nut opener consume less electric power and is featured of low noise. Shuliy, in order to give back to our dear customers, will sale this machine at a favorable price, and offers you a sincere service.

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