How to dry cashew nut in bulk?

Cashew nut sheller machine

The drying equipment is designed, developed, and produced especially for nuts, vegetable, fruit, and traditional Chinese medicine drying. It can dehydrate and dry raw materials into finish products such as traditional Chinese medicine, dried fruits, chili peppers, vegetables. The heat source used in the mechanical dryer is the pure hot air provided by the hot air furnace or the pure hot air generated by the electric heat pipe heating. The temperature of the heating air inside the dryer adjusted and controlled. After hot air enters the dryer and under the action of the high- temperature and high-humidity axial flow fan inside the chamber, penetrates through material and circulates inside the drying chamber.
Chamber-type multi-layer fruit and vegetable dryer can dry food uniformly with fast speed, high efficiency, and the finished product are dry enough. It can achieve automatic temperature control, automatic drainage, the dried materials are of better shape, color. Thus the dryer improves product quality.


Heating method:
1. Electric heating can realize automatic temperature control, automatic moisture discharge and adjustable moisture discharge speed.
2. The coal heating with reasonable configuration can maintain the working temperature between 35 ℃ to 85 ℃, without manual management.
Drying oven with a heating pipe can be generally called hot air circulation drying oven because no matter what wind direction, including horizontal or vertical circulating, it is. Therefore they can be called hot air circulation oven in general, such as an electric hot blast oven. Except for high-temperature sterilization oven, the generally used dryer is hot air circulation oven manufactured by Shuliy. In order to meet the requirements such as high temperature sterilization, fan cooling, standardized ring fan, front and rear door, air duct, can be adopted respectively.