Hot Selling Semi-automatic Cashew Sheller for Wholesale

Did you ever tried to count the number of cashew nut in a cashew nut can? The answer may be no, neither do I. But do you know in some places currently, the women workers are doing this endless laborious work—to use a plier to crack cashew nuts one by one. Scarcely for us to image that have they to do the same tedious work all day long for producing a couple of jars of cashew nuts. Moreover, it is not only a boring and laborious work, but also a dangerous one doing harm to workers’ health. During the peeling process of raw cashew, they will exude toxic liquids that is harmful to our body, and may cause the allergic reaction to the workers even they are wearing special glove during working. Out of the problems of health damage to workers, and the large time consumption, a semi-automatic cashew sheller machine is highly needed.

Semi automatic cashew sheller

The advanced semi-automatic cashew nut sheller, invented and developed by Shuliy’ s professional designers and engineers, has made an outstanding revolution to the cashew nut processing line. Operators can use this machine without touching the cashew nut during the shelling process, therefore solve the problem of health issues. Moreover, with the remarkable output, durable service, the cashew sheller is widely prized by customers.

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