Hot-selling vacuum packing machine for sale

Compare with the previous vacuum sealer, the new generation of vacuum packing machine, invented and developed by Shuliy Machinery, is equipped with auto sealing function and can be used as the commercial vacuum sealer or a household sealer. And it is characterized by its easy-operation, low energy-consumption, small grounding space, and durable use. Therefore, it has been highly praised by customers at home and aboard. With the specialized double-chamber design, the sealing efficiency has been highly improved, so as to reduce the time consumption. Moreover, the vacuum packing machine made of stainless steel, is characterized by the low labor-consumption, can be operated by no more than two operators. Now, let me introduce you the operating method of Shuliy’s auto commercial vacuum sealer.

Hot-selling vacuum packing machine for sale    Hot-selling vacuum packing machine for sale

The vacuum chamber is controlled by the button on the side of the sealing machine. When you want to vacuum seal the product of a great quantity, you only need to connect the charging plug, the press the button, the right chamber will start to working. But before that, make sure the bags containing products is well placed along with the silicon bar. The auto pressing chamber cover will gently press to the plastic bags. After a few minute, the suggesting lamp lighted, then you can press the button on the side of sealing machine again to start the  vacuuming procedure of the right chamber. The whole process is easily to handle, and without any toxic pollution emitted. As the first rated restaurant equipment, Shuliy’s  hot-selling sealer machine is your best choice.

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