Hot-selling Walnut Shell Separating Machine

Walnuts, as a crunchy delicious snack, is said can tonify Qi (a Chinese ancient medical term) of the kidney and strengthen hair, according to an ancient masterpiece named Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic. Therefore, it is highly appreciated by ancient Chinese royal court, including Empress Dowager Cixi, a celebrity famous by luxury living style she led in the history of China. After so many years, walnuts are believed having incomparable nutritious. Walnut is the king of the nuts that deserves the name. So, obviously, these are the reason why walnut¬† shell separating¬† ¬†machine lists in hot-selling products.Hot-selling walnut shell separating machineAhot selling walnut shell separating machine 1

Shuliy Machinery has a series of walnut processing line, including walnut shell separating machine. The machine, playing an important role in walnut processing, is the procedure after the walnut shelling machine. After walnuts being shelled, the shell and kernel are mixed together, and remains, like dirt and debris in walnut kernel, make the separating procedure hard to carry on. However, by using the walnut shell separating machine can get rid of you worries. The automatic operation and ,durable use, and the small footprint are the prominent advantages of the walnut shell separating machine. If you want to know something about this machine in detail, please contact us through our official E-mail or telephone.