How Much is Sacha Inchi Shelling Machine


Nut sieving machine Brief introduction on sacha inchi
Sacha inchi nut is rich in nutrition, protein, unsaturated fatty acid, vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, and plays an important role in promoting bone growth and nervous system development, beauty care and anti-aging, improving digestive system functions, preventing cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes. Sachi inchi fruit sheller is mainly used for the dehulling of the inner shell of the sacha inchi.  After dehulling, the kernel can be directly eaten after drying by the dryer and seasoning processing, or it can be pressed by the screw oil extractor, generally, it is equipped with the complete set of oil extraction equipment to extract sacha inchi oil.


Inchi seeds sheller machine


working principle of sacha inchi shelling machine
After feed sacha inchi into the feeding hopper, under the action of repeated rotation motivated by turning a rod (motor driven), collision, the sacha inchi shell cracks, then the sacha inchi kernels and shell through squeeze under the rotating rod the kernel through sieve of certain aperture fell to the vibrating screen, then conveyed by the vibrating screen and be discharged gradually, while the shell will be blew out under the wind force. The sacha inchi shelling machine nvented and developed by Shuliy Machinery is characterized by its high efficiency, low damage rate, and low power consumption, is widely used in sacha inchi processing industry in Africa, southern areas in China, etc.