How to effectively remove the cashew peeling machine stains

Stain is a problem that is much depleted of mechanical quality such as cashew peeling machine. Pay attention to effectively remove stains during work, which is a problem that needs to be done for mechanical maintenance. Among many problems, oil stain is a common stain problem. Oil stain is an adhesive of grease, dust, rust, etc. It does not integrate into water, but incorporates organic agents. In the work, in addition to mechanical decontamination, it can also be removed by chemical or electrochemical methods.

Cashew peeling machine

Chemical degreasing method:

1, organic solvent degreasing: commonly used organic solvents are gasoline, kerosene, diesel, acetone and so on.

2, alkaline solution degreasing: such as caustic soda, sodium carbonate, sodium silicate sodium phosphate and so on. Increasing the solution temperature and stirring during cleaning can speed up the degreasing effect. Generally, it can be heated to about 80 °C. After washing, it is rinsed with hot water and dried with compressed air.

Electrochemical degreasing method:

The method of mechanically stirring and peeling the bubbles generated by the two electrodes during electrolysis to remove the grease from the surface of the part is called an electrochemical degreasing method. The method has the advantages of high speed, high efficiency and thorough degreasing.

The general maintenance helps us to better protect our cashew peeling machine and guarantees us to use it more durable. Shuliy machinery hopes that some of the above can help everyone.

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