How to Harvest Walnut

Walnut processing


Fresh walnut harvesting method varies from English walnut originate to Eurasia to black walnut originate to North America. Time for harvesting depends on the ripening seasons—for English walnuts usually start ripening September to November and black walnuts in August to September. The mature degree can be measured through two methods respectively: for English walnut, when it’s about time to be harvest, the underlying shell will begin to separate from the outer hull automatically; while the black walnut is ripening when it can be hand craped easily. Test the nut from the top of tree for they are ripen last.


Wear special gloves to pick walnuts grow on lower brunches, while walnuts on the top of tree can be shook fall or knocked down with a pole. Gather walnuts fallen on the ground immediately in case of infection caused by insects or molds. And hull left overlong on this walnut will stain the shell.


The traditional way to hull walnuts is stamping. Spread walnuts evenly on the hard ground, make sure to wear sturdy shoes when stamping on walnuts. In this way, the hull and underlying shell can be separated. Then the hulling step is carrying out by hand hulling with knife.

Green walnut peeling machine

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