How to maintain the vacuum packing machine

The vacuum packing machine invented by Shuliy Machinery is a high-end equipment for catering industries or daily use. Characterized by its compact outlook and durable using, it is made of stainless steel, so it is easy to clean and easy to transported. TZ-600 is the advanced model. A long-term use of the vacuum packing machine will cause a deficiency in packing rate, therefore, the maintenance of it shall be introduced previously.

Easy-to-operate vacuum packing machine

  1. Before use, the vacuum packing machine shall be ground connected in case of electric shock happens.
  2. After an long-term use about 3-6 months, fill lubricating oil in all gliding parts.
  3. Silicon strips and sealing strips shall not be contaminated to prevent an unsealed package.
  4. Replace the adhesive plaster when it is broken.
  5. Place the machine onto a smooth surface avoiding unstable placing. Do not transport with the machine in a reversed position.
  6. Do not set an extra-high pressure rate to prevent an over compacting that may cause malfunctioning even working accidents.

These are maintenance methods of Shuliy’s vacuum packing machine, if any problems happens please contact us, Shuliy will offer you a professional assistance.