How to Operate the Walnut Sheller Machine

With compact structure, large output, low breaking rate and convenient transportation, Shuliy’s walnut sheller machine is the ideal equipment for walnut processing. While, the most prominent advantage of the sheller machine is its convenient operating method.

Walnut sheller machine

The simple designed walnut sheller machine is made into a cuboid with feeding mouth on top and an oulet at the bottom of the machine. After starting the sheller machine, check the inner parts to see if there is foreign matter inside the machine, expel the foreign matter if the problem exist. Then the raw materials shall be poured into the inlet evenly, then through the crushing procedure, motivated by the stator and motor inside of the sheller, the kernels and the shells will be discharged through the oulet together. To process walnut with fragile shell, adjust the motor according to the hardness of walnuts. Shuliy’s walnut sheller machine are made of carbon steel and ordinary steel, therefore is it an ideal equipment characterized by its durable using. Besides, it is easy to operate by two men only with the large output and high efficiency of 90% shelling rate ensured.

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