How to Store Green Walnuts?

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Walnuts are oil-based dried fruit that can be stored in refrigerator or freezer. The most effective storage method for walnuts:

  1. Place walnuts in a ventilated place, do not seal them in bags.
  2. The air permeable bag is used to prevent walnut are not been hydrated thoroughly. The better air permeable the bag is used, the more effective and quick water content will be released, so as to maintain the dry degree of the walnut, and prevent it from turning moisturized and becoming moldy.
  3. It is recommended that the walnut not be peeled so as to prolong the walnut reserving time. So what is the most nutritious way to eat walnut? Eat it raw! Because the unsaturated fatty acids and phospholipids in walnuts, which is the beneficial component of walnuts will be damaged after heating. These nutrients can improve brain development, and activate brain activity so as to promote your intelligence.
  4. Generally the shelf life of walnut is about six months, while walnut kernels 15 days, dried walnuts 10 months in cold storage, and green husk a month. There is also a good way to strip walnut shell: boil walnuts in pot boil then scoop out into the cold water quickly, so that you can peel out of a complete walnuts easily.

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Store peeled walnut in ventilated place is highly recommended, and do not use airtight bag, but use cloth bag or burlap bag for better ventilation. The bag of better air permeable is used to vaporize effectively with better air permeable, and to absorb moisture when the dry degree of the walnut is not achieved, so as to keep the dry degree of the walnut and prevent it from returning moldy. An airtight canister with a small bag of desiccant is also a good option.