How to use vacuum packing machine

For a supermarket or a food production factory owner, except consideration about food processing cost, the limited expire time of the perishable food is one of their big headaches, therefore the waste rate is relatively high. To extent the shelf life of food with its taste and texture remained in a healthy way, an automatic vacuum packing machine is highly required. The advanced vacuum packing machine Shuliy invented and developed is made of stainless steel wholly, with low energy consumption, labor saving, low maintenance and extended serving life, let alone the high quality meeting national hygiene standard. Notable, it is of high efficiency for its double-chamber design, the continuous packing work can be achieved by a simple movement—pressing the starting button. Besides, the sealing material is silicon glue, meeting the world food safety standard. The vacuum packing machine TZ-600 uses plastic or plastic aluminum foil film as packaging material to vacuum liquid, solid, powdery paste food, grain, fruit, pickles, preserves, chemicals, medicinal materials, electronic components, precision instruments, rare metals, etc.

Vacuum packing machine 2

Operation method: firstly, arrange bags with material inside, then turn on the power, set the parameter according to your need on the liquid crystal screen; secondly, star the machine, the sealing and vacuum process will be finished in a few minutes, then after the cooling process finished automatically, press the starting button again, the other chamber will start to work automatically.

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