Intelligent Walnut Drying Machine

The former edition of walnut drying machine can not meets the current requirement of our dear customers, therefore, Shuliy Machinery has developed brand new product called intelligent walnut drying machine. This new product adopts the latest PLC programming intelligent control system, which is helpful to produce better outputs.

Now, let me introduce you dear customers this outstanding product.

Intelligent walnut drying machine

Shuliy Machinery limited company, founded in 2000, has over 70 clew number including more than 5 professional engineers and intelligent inventors, with whose co-working, the advanced PCL programming intelligent control system are adopted in our exquisite walnut drying machine. A PLC systems in machine instructs the machine running in a stable condition, which can help the walnut drying machine baking walnuts equally by an even heat radiant without manual operation or supervision. Neither over-heated nor under-heated will help the drying machine processing raw materials properly, and as it is known to us, flaws are found more frequently during manual operation than in computer management. The heating procedure is vital to the later processing of walnut, so it shall be ensured in good condition producing even heated walnuts to make sure the final quality of the product.

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