Multi-functional walnut drying machine outlet

Walnut processing line


The walnut, also known as ”nut of longevity”, is one of the four famous nuts in the world. It is rich in nutritional value and is also good for brain development. The drying process is very important to ensure the flavor and maintain effective components. Ultra high temperature will makes kernel fat deteriorate. To check whether walnuts are fully you can choose dried nuts to collide with each other, the brittle sound indicating a fully achieve drying effect. At room temperature, the average water content of nuts shell is about 8%, while the kernel is about 4%.


Thermal stable nut drying machine5


Generally, for the walnut drying machine, the dry time of fruit with shell is relatively long, and the drying time is affected by the following conditions: the initial humidity of fruit, the relative humidity of air, and the final water content required. GIven the initial humidity, air relative humidity and the required water content are higher, the required time will be longer, and vice versa, depending on the specific situation. The dryer can not only dry platycodon grandiflorum, but also dry economic crops like mushrooms, pepper, garlic, walnuts, agaric, persimmon, etc.

For the same kind of nuts, the harvest time varies according different growth environments, so does the initial moisture content is different, the drying process and the demand, so the value of water removal will change accordingly. The demand is fulfilled based on the practical use and the user’s request, and through the system planning and the dryer selection conducted and reasonable calculation. Shuliy provides individual solutions according to customer demands, so as to offer better drying system and better drying technology.