Multi-purpose Nut Drying Machine

With the development of economy and people’s living standard, the catering industry has made a great deal of efforts to satisfy customers’ need. Meanwhile, nuts as one of the nutritious  snacks have gained high appreciation from people leading a healthy life style. According to researches, people eat no less than 3 kinds of nuts everyday will be much more energetic than people who do not eat any kind of nuts. That is to say, nuts drying machine with less function shall be expelled from the product line. Therefore, after a long period of research and development, Shuliy has released an advanced multi-purpose nut drying machine, which can be applied in processing of any kind of granular-shaped nuts.

Here is the sample picture of our product:

Intelligent walnut drying machine

This is walnut drying machine model SL-40 with large capacity, which can process 1000kg of different kinds of raw materials per case, and no matter sunny days or rainy days, the walnut dryer can be normally functioning. Therefore with the large quantity of output ensured, there will be much more profits the machine can create for you dear customers. Purchase our products, we will offer you the advanced equipment with quality guaranteed.