Multi-purpose small-sized cashew nut peeling machine

In most of Asian countries, including Thailand, cashew nuts are processed in a low efficient rate by manual force in small-scaled factories. Although the cashew nuts are treated as nutritious flourished snack, it is an exhausting and labor-consuming work to dry, peel, and has it roasted by manual force. Due to its delicate and fruit highly perishable, the cashew nut must be separated with the cashew apple immediately after harvested. By the way, the cashew apple is edible with less nutrition than the nuts. It is delicious when eaten with pepper and salt applied on it. But obviously, the cashew nuts are much more popular than it. Therefore, Shuliy has invented and developed an advanced small-sized cashew nut peeler with multi-purpose use.

Cashew nut sheller machine

 With its small footprint and compact body, the cashew nut peeling machine can be adopted in the small and medium-sized factories or home producer. To buy one machine with multi-purpose is such a bargain. It is easy to transported and operated by one or two men due to its delicate design of automatically running. To start the machine, the only thing you shall do is to press a button on the machine, then choose the peeling rate according to the size of cashew nuts.

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