Operation Manual of Almond Sheller


To ensure the safe operation of the almond sheller, please read the following instructions carefully before use:

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  1. Avoid improper storage. Before storage, shelling machines must be fully cleaned then placed in the indoor storage, avoid leaving in outdoor in case of wind and rain damage causing parts rust, damage and other hidden dangers.
  2. Check before use. It is necessary to seriously check and repair the damaged shelling machine whether the bolts are loose, whether the grain bar is intact, whether there are problems with the transmission parts or not. Find out and eliminate the potential danger.
  3. Don’t overwork. Do not overload electric motor or diesel engine.
  4. Do not move or install any gadgets without supervision. The movement and installation of almond sheller and its engine shall be operated by professional technicians. Before moving almond sheller, turn off the power supply, and insulated wire cannot be dragged on the ground, in order to prevent insulation layer damage causing leakage of electricity. Before operators stop and start of diesel engine, it shall by checked by professional personnel.
  5. The motor must be grounded to ensure safety.
  6. Do not heir unprofessional operators. Operators shall aware of safety elementary knowledge and have practical experience.
  7. Avoid uneven feeding. Feed in uniformly with appropriate amount, avoid foreign matters mixed in thus causing damage to mechanical parts. Never put your arm into the feeding port in case you are injured by the high speed rotating bar.
  8. Do not work overtime. Continuous operation shall generally within 5-6 hours.