Reliable Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer with Favorable Price

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Function of double chamber vacuum sealing machine

Vacuum sealing machines designed and developed independently by Shuliy Machinery are used primarily for shelf life extension, volume reduction, and corrosion prevention. The vacuum sealing machine is designed double-chamber capable of processing in industrial production line, the design of double chamber with two silicon sealing bars in each chamber facilitates the sealing processing in large quantity.

Application range

The automatic double chamber vacuum sealer adopting pneumatic vacuum method, can seal food perishable, such as cooked or processed cuisine, delicate medical reagent, or can seal pack snack to facilitate preservation or long time shipping.


Hot-selling vacuum packing machine for sale


Features of Shuliy’s double chamber vacuum sealing machine

Shuliy Machinery established by 2000, is an company offering services–scientific researches, technic development, reasonable manufacturing and reasonable design as integration. For many years of researches and rich experience in machinery industry, Shuliy has won great appreciation from their customers domestic and overseas. As a leading mechanical brand in China, Shuliy dedicates in offering customers with reliable equipment with promised quality, sincere service, has reinforced its technology leadership. The double chamber vacuum chamber with its pressing lit and frame made of stainless steel is of long-term service life and offering working environment meeting national hygiene standard for food producing.