Rigid Manufactured Macadamia Cracking Machine on Sale



Macadamias of excellent creamy aroma, are not only characterized by its overpowering crispy, is one of the most popular nuts. But the shell of a macadamia nut is much harder and smoother than a walnut, only a slit created in its surface can it be pried open with a tool. So how can we open a macadamia nut without an opener?

Manual shelling method

Tools, such as screwdriver, stainless steel spoon, stainless steel ruler, square key, scissors, and knife, can be used as long as it can be inserted into  the crack and can rotate open the macadamia shell. Tools are safe and effective to crack open shell are flat blade tip screwdriver and stainless steel ruler. Please pay attention to safety when using other tools, especially sharp tools. Plus, if the macadamia doesn’t have a crack in shell, we have to reach out to hammer.

To open a macadamia nut?

Shuliy macadamia cracking machine

Hawaii nut cracking machine is mainly used for Hawaii nut cracking. Due to different species of Hawaii nut with different yield and integrity rate of nuts, macadamia cracking machine can achieve the peeling effect by adjusting parameters. The machine is made of high carbon steel and ordinary steel, and is composed of a feeder, a plate stator and a rotor, and a power of 1.5kw cycloid speed reducer. The macadamia cracking machine Shuliy invented is of compact structure, high yield, low damage rate, easy maintenance, etc. is the ideal macadamia nut cracking machine of first-class quality.