Sacha Inchi Seeds Shell Removing Machine Wholesale

Sacha inchi, the mysterious nut originally native to the rain forest in Peru, now is widely known by vegans and people who leading a healthy life. The sacha inchi fruit is with the green star-like appearance. The reason why sacha inchi is popular all over the world is its rich content of Omega fat, a necessary fat that everyone need for meeting daily energy demand, the regular consumption of which is beneficial to brain, neurological functions. Researches shows that contents contained in sacha inchi seed can be an antidote to the inflammation reaction, and reduce the risks of neurodegenerative diseases. However, due to elaborate processing of it, sacha inchi is kind of a high-end food to people. The expensive price of this magic Latin food is has been the most considerable problem to consumers. Therefore, here calls for series of sacha inchi processing line with efficient operation, and high output capacity. Recently, Shuliy Machinery has invented and developed the whole set of sacha inchi production line, which can also applied into the hemp seed, sunflower seed, pumpkin seeds and alike.

Inchi seeds sheller machine



Among which, sacha inchi seeds shell removing machine is now for wholesale. The huller machine made of carbon steel, is equipped with durable friction-proven rotators. And it is easy to operate!


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