Shuliy acorn sheller machine has superior advantages

The advantage of acorn sheller machine:

1. The acorn sheller is completed by the new generation technology. It has the characteristics of high yield and large capacity.

2.The acorn sheller machine has features of  clean,  low damage rate, no noise and no pollution.

3. The acorn sheller machine occupies a small area, saves space and is easy to operate.

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Acorn is the fruit of oak tree, resembling silkworm cocoon, so it is also called chestnut cocoon. The brownish red acorn has a hard outer shell,  and a kernel like a flower. The  starch content rate of  it  is about sixty percent. It is edible and can be used as raw material for sizing of textile industry. There are more than 300 oaks species in the world, and about 60 species in China. Because oak trees can adapt to a wide range of climate and soil conditions, Quercus species are distributed in tropical, temperate and frigid zones. Oak grows fast, and is drought resistant, pest less, without special management. It can be planted on wild hills, dunes and in thin fields . The fruit of it is easy to preserve. It is widely used in processing and has high economic value.

Shuliy machinery  was established in 2012 and has 100 staff members, including 5 technicians for research and development. Our company is located in the capital of Henan Province – Zhengzhou, which is the center of the business and economy in China. Our company provides high quality products and the best services. We have won a high reputation among clients. Also, we always keep good relationships with our customers.

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