Small-sized Walnut Shelling Machine

Walnuts as a nutritious kernel can be used as the edible ingredient in porridge, be interspersed on cake, or be eaten directly after shelling. With the widely use of walnuts, the walnut processing machine, especially walnut shelling machine, is the highly wanting machine by catering plants. Also, in order to meet the need of plants or factories of different sizes, Shuliy has invented a small-sized walnut shelling machine after a long-term researches and study. This new type of machine has advantages of not only small size, but also high in efficiency, and it consumes less energy than other former machines.

Walnut sheller machine chinese suppliers

The new type walnut shelling machine, model TZ-1, uses 1.5KW power, 1.3*0.8*1.5m (about 4.26*2.62*4.92 feet), is small in size, high in efficiency, and low in consumption. Therefore it is easy to transport. If you are running a large-scale plant, it is cheaper to order more walnut machine in one time, or you are running a smaller factory it is lucky for you to get a good aid of Shuliy’ s walnut shelling machine with simple operation.

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