To Buy Automatic Fresh Walnut Shelling Machine

Walnut processing line

Walnut is a high-nutrition food can be eaten directly or be served after being processed into subsidiary products. Before eating, the shell need to be peeled off is such a chore to people. Since the advanced automatic walnut sheller was invented, people are free from the laborious shelling work. With the development of the walnut market, the shelling device is now widely used in the walnut processing industry, but how to maintain walnut sheller is rarely known to most of us. The following is the maintenance method of walnut sheller:

Cashew nut sheller machine

Firstly, check whether the fasteners are tightened, whether the joint parts are flexible, whether there is enough lubricating grease between bearings and whether the walnut shelling equipment is placed on a smooth ground. Before checking the power supply voltage, the machine shall be shut down; when motor start, rotor steering should be consisted with the direction indicated by the mark on shelling machine, then idling it for a few minutes, to observe whether there is abnormal sound to ensure normal operation before feeding in walnuts;

For walnut shelling equipment storage, dirt and sundries and residual debris between bearings of shelling equipment should be removed then place sheller in the dry warehouse to avoid the sun and rain corrosion; Clean all bearings with diesel oil, and coat all parts with grease after drying; Driving parts and bearing shall be maintained with adequate lubrication grease applied. These are maintenance methods of the walnut shell peeling machine, as long as the maintenance is done well, the service life of shelling equipment would be extended.