Versatile Large Walnut Dryer

Walnut processing

Shuliy Machinery’s walnut dryer is widely used for walnut, pepper, almonds drying and dehydration, etc. It has the biggest advantage of dual heating methods of coal or wood burning, with a capacity of drying less than 10,000kg within 30 hours, which can greatly save time and energy, and when temperature rises to a certain degreed, automatic alarm will be triggered to ensure constant heating temperature.

  1. Excellent drying effect, 100% yield, rapid dehydration, and perfect retention of the original color and flavor of the raw material.

(1) provide the pure hot air heating according to features of raw material, and its temperature can be adjusted within a range from 0 ℃ to 100 ℃ under automatic control. Equipped with a distribution box to automatically control the temperature to maintain constant temperature according to specific temperature requirement.

Intelligent walnut drying machine

  1. Walnut dryer equipment has combustion chamber and drying oven separated, isolated. Hot air that bring into the drying oven is pure, pollution free, to avoid fire hazards.
  2. Separate design of equipment, drying chamber is equipped with walnut screen, 2 m *6 m, and is characterized by high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance.
  3. Walnut dryer is designed according to the principle of Chinese ancient herb sustainable development and production, can process walnut, pepper for dehydration or drying, with advantages other drying equipment incomparable.